Repair and Maintenance of Citroën 2cv

Besides parts supply, building and servicing your Le Patron, we can service all types of 2cv based kitcars and of course the Citroën 2cv and its derivatives.

A 2cv is a so called A-type vehicle. The Citroen A-type is a platform on which several vehicles have been built. Le Patron is specialized in servicing all A-types of which a short summary is listed below:

Presentation of Citroën 2cv at the Paris Motor Show

October 7, 1948 – The revolutionary Citroën 2cv is presented to the French president Vincent Auriol and the public. Visitors are positively surprised by the extraordinary looks of this car. By now we know that the 2cv was a success; until July 28, 1990 more than 5 million 2cv’s have been produced in several body variances.

2cv Van at Paris Motor Show

October 1950 – The 2cv is a huge success and by now new customers even have to wait up to six years for their 2cv to be delivered! During the motor show Citroën launched the 2cv Van. This Van has a 375cc boxer engine with a top speed of around 60 km/h. It can drive 100 kilometer using only 5 liter fuel. The load capacity is 250kg.

Production 2cv Van

March 1951 – From now on the 2cv Van is being produced by Citroën. The Van remained in production until March 1978. In total 1,2 million Vans have been produced.

Market introduction Citroën Ami 6

24 April 1961 – The new Ami 6 is being presented for Europe. In addition to the remarkable body lines of the Ami 6, it also features a distinctive reverse-raked notchback rear window.

Citroën Dyane

July 1967 – The first Dyane is being produced. The Dyane was technically based on the 2cv but with a entirely new body. It was positioned between the 2cv and the Ami 6  and has all advantages of a station car with its foldable rear seats and a hatchback.

Citroën Méhari

May 1968 – A year after the Dyane, the First Méhari is being produced. An original and versatile off road vehicle with a rust-free body made of ABS plastic.

Citroën Acadiane

March 1978 – The successor of the 2cv Van was launched: the Citroen Acadiane. It is a compact utility van based on the Citroen Dyane. The Acadiane makes use of a 602cc boxer engine producing 31hp with a top speed of 100 km/h