What exactly is a Le Patron?

The Le Patron is a kitcar based on a Citroën 2cv, and is available as a four-wheel or tricycle. The tricycle has a national RDW type approval and has a single rear wheel. Furthermore, there are several options for the body. The polyester body can be ordered with doors and / or a so-called dickey seat: a space behind the front seats where it is possible to place back seat for children. A closed version with a soft-top roof is also possible. Our wide collection of accessories and parts available in our Webshop and in our Shop in Ophemert enables you to build your Le Patron they way you want it to be!

You want to buy a kitcar?

Le Patron dashboard

A kitcar is primarily meant to build it yourself. However, we advise you to inform us first before you begin disassembling your Citroën 2cv, so that we can provide you with the tips&tricks to ensure a smooth building process. We can also help you in the various steps of building a kitcar. For example by taking over the initial build phase and deliver to you a fully restored rolling chassis so that you can directly start mounting the engine and body. It is also possible to ask our support for the finishing of the car or to do the electrical installation. The possibilities are endless.

Once the building is complete, the Le Patron must be offered to the national vehicle approval authority (RDW in the Netherlands) for the change of the license plate. If you find this challenging we are happy to support you or take over this process from you.

If you prefer to drive away immediately and not build the car yourself, then that is also possible. Please take a look at our ‘used’ cars online or in our showroom in Ophemert. These cars have been built with passion and are ready for the streets!

You want to make a test drive?

As you can see, there are many possibilities. Come visit us in Ophemert to take a look in our showroom and experience the Le Patron in a convincing test drive. Be aware that whoever tasted the experience of open driving on the dikes and inland roads, will not rest until he drives his own Le Patron. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!