We are specialized in Citroën 2cv and in 2cv based kitcars like the Le Patron and Lomax.

What do we sell?

Kitcar parts and accessories
Citroën 2cv parts (visit our Shop)
Complete kitcars (new & used, visit our Occasions)
Donor Citroën 2cv vehicles as basis for your kitcar
Citroen 2cv and derivative vehicles

What do we do?

Repair and service:
Citroën 2cv and 2cv based kitcars such as Le Patron and Lomax
Overhaul Citroën 2cv gearboxes, engines, braking and suspension components

What do we fabricate?

Le Patron Citroën 2cv based kitcars
Le Patron and Citroën 2cv tuning components
Le Patron and Citroën Visa ignition components
Le Patron 3-wheel suspension (Approved by vehicle approval authority)
Le Patron brackets
Le Patron and Citroën 2cv oil pipes and components
Le Patron and Citroën 2cv brake components
Le Patron brake- and hydraulic-pipe, Citroën BX, CX, XM, C5 & DS 3.5-4.5-6.35 mm
Le Patron and Citroën 2cv transmission components
Le Patron and Citroën 2cv stabilisation bars and kits
Le Patron towing triangles
Le Patron steering components
Le Patron protection covers (tailor made for all kitcars)

Since 1988 we are located in Ophemert where we keep stock of all types of chassis, engines, gearboxes and other components. Moreover you can visit our Garage Le Patron Ophemertshowroom with kitcars and a large collection of accessories. 

We advise and support you in the process of building your own kitcar or we can build the kitcar on your behalf.



We are also at your disposal for any of  your technical queries. Le Patron versnellingsbak revisieContact us and we are happy to help you on your way.  If you plan to build or buy your own kitcar then you have found the right partner!